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How to print PDF sewing pattern

Assembling a PDF pattern is easier than you think. Get all the tips you need to print a correct scale pattern. For those of you who are new to using my digital patterns, I've put together a little instruction on how to print and assemble a PDF pattern using a home printer.

  • Always download the pattern to your computer first, then open in Adobe Reader or Preview

  • Don't open the PDF file straight from your email

  • Don't print the whole pattern before measuring the test square

Printer Setting

  • To make sure your printer prints at proper scale, select No Scaling or Custom Scale = 100% or Actual Size

  • Orientation: select Auto

  • Check the page number and print only the page that has the test square

Paper Type

  • US letter paper or A4 paper

How to check for scale

  1. Print the page with test square.

  2. Check the test square with a ruler. It should measure 1"x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm). If it's bigger or smaller than 1", go back and check your printer setting and do another test print.

  3. When the scaling is correct, print the rest of the pages.

How to assemble a PDF pattern

1. Cut out the dotted lines of the template pieces.

2. Join the pages using a given diagram or by matching up the letters.

3. Join the pages using a clear tape.

4. Cut out the assembled template (solid line).

Your template is now ready to go!

Happy sewing!

PDF pattern 101

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