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My favourite zipper pulls

Adding a detail to the zipper pull is not only practical but also it makes your handmade pouch look more professional. Here are some of my favourite methods.

Zipper pull variation

Leather lace

Leather Lace Zipper Pull

Cut 8" long leather lace. Thread it through the zipper pull. Tie a knot and trim the ends.

Leather Lace zipper pull _ how to

Fabric Knot Zipper Pull

This type of zipper pull only works if you have a zipper head opening that is big enough for the fabric tie to get through. It's a bit tricky to make but it's worth the effort, don't you think?

Fabric Tie Zipper Pull
zipper heads

Cut a piece of fabric 8"x 2"

fabric tab zipper pull

Wood Bead Zipper Pull

Cut 8"of cording. Thread the cording through the zipper pull. Hold the ends of the cording together, thread the wood bead. Tie a knot at desired length and trim the ends.

Bead zipper pull

Short Fabric Zipper Pull

This tab is perfect for your typical nylon coil zippers.

Short Fabric Tab Zipper Pull

Cut a piece of fabric 3" x 2.25"

Short Fabric Tab Zipper Pull - Indigobird Design
Mara zip pouch

What are your favourite zipper pull details?

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