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KAM Snap Button Tutorial

Last year when I was making a pattern for DPN (double pointed needle) case, I came across KAM snaps and I loved how quick and easy it was to install it. Try it and you will want to apply it to all kinds of sewing projects!

* If you want to make the DPN case, here's the link!

KAM snap tutorial

You will need:

An awl

A Snap Plier

A set of KAM snap buttons ( I used 20 /12mm/ 0.5" / T5 size )

*I bought mine from the Amazon. It came with 300 set, T5 buttons in 20 colours!

KAM Snap tutorial 1

Punch a hole through both fabrics so that you know they will line up once the snap is installed.

KAM Snap tutorial 2


Insert a pronged cover through the hole, from the outside in. Place a socket over the exposed prong.

KAM Snap tutorial 3

Slip the snap halves into the pliers. The cover should sit agains the black die try and the socket should face the rubber pressing head. Squeeze the pliers. You will see the prong has been flattened, securing the socket in place.

KAM Snap tutorial 4


Insert the cover prong through the hole from the exterior to interior. The cover again sits on the black die tray, while the stud is facing the rubber pressing head. Squeeze the pliers together. The prong is now flattened. All done!

KAM Snap tutorial 5

DPN case with KAM Snaps _ indigobird design

* If you want to make the DPN case, here's the link!

DPN case - Indigobird Design

POST UPDATE : Here is a Nana pouch with a KAM snap.

Nana pouch with KAM snaps

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