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New year, new projects, but first, some highlights from last year

January 7, 2019

I love January. I love the New Year because I have an excuse to make lists.  I often get ambitious and make a seriously long project list. I usually end up tackling only a few, but that's ok, I'm not in a rush. It's all about enjoying the process, right?  The list is just there as a happy reminder, lest I forget!

Reviewing the list and see what I have accomplished is also fun. 2018 has been an amazing year.  I've published many patterns, learned a lot about pattern making and photographing, but most of all, I've connected with some amazing makers.  I feel happy, grateful, and rewarded to see people making bags using my patterns. Seeing their works motivates me to keep doing what I do!


I follow the IG of these two fabulous makers and I couldn't have been happier to see them make bags using my patterns. 


Tatiana has made multiple versions of Nanna pouch and I love them all!

I love her style, inspirational. Check out her beautiful IG feed - @tillit.ta





Nathalie sews at amazing speed. Her wardrobe is full of handmade outfits. While I managed to make only one outfit last year, she has made countless and still had the time to whip up these lovely bags. I think the Finn Soft Boxy bag is her favourite bag pattern from my collection; she's made so many! Check out her IG - and get sewing! 








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