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Origami Bento Bag

January 31, 2016

This is a beginner friendly sewing project that is a quick sew!

Azuma Bukuro, is a traditional Japanese cloth bag that is used to carry pretty much anything.  You can make them in a variety of sizes using a simple formula. 

The total length is always 3 times the width. Then you add the seam allowance. 

There are lined versions of these bags but I prefer the unlined version because it's less bulky and easier to tie the knot.  Linen or linen blend is my choice fabric as it's durable, looks beautiful on both sides, and has a texture that I can't live without!


You can use the measurements outlined below or purchase a template here




Here's what you'll need: 



Cut one piece of fabric 30cm x 82cm [13" x 37"]. 


 1. Create a 1cm [3/8"] hem by double folding 2cm [3/4"] from all four edges toward the wrong side of the fabric. 



2. Topstitch all four sides as shown.



3. With fabric right side up, fold the right 1/3 of the fabric over the middle 1/3, and sew the two layers together, along the inside edge of the hem. 



4. With the top layer flipped out of the way, fold in half, bringing the left edge over to the right.



 5. Sew top edges together along inside edge of the hem (see step 3 for detail photo).



 6. Sew a 8cm [3"] gusset at opposite corners.



7. Turn right side out and press.  Add reinforcing stitch at intersection.  









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