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Quilted Drawstring Bag

This is my first time making a quilted bag and I love how it turned out! It looks and feels soft and the hand stitching adds a nice texture. It's such a fun way to use up your fabric scraps and leftover quilt blocks!

Quilted drawstring bag

For the exterior fabric, I used a quilt project that never got finished because I made a lot of mistakes. As a quilt it didn't work out but I redeemed its beautiful design by making it into a bag. ("Weight of Love" quilt pattern by Libs Elliot)

Unfinished quilt

I used the measurements for the Large size Kiko Bag but shortened the height by 2"[5cm]. After cutting the exterior bag pieces to size, I added a thin batting under the exterior fabric and hand quilted the layers in place.

Hand Quilting

I also shortened the handle length by 3"[7,5cm], and attached the handles on the exterior side instead of the lining side.

Kiko Bag Variation

I love the extra layer of texture that hand stitching creates...

Quilted Project Bag

And the bag fits two to three skeins of yarn comfortably.

My yarns look happy, nestled in the soft and squishy bag...

Quilted Kiko Bag

If you make one, please share on social media; I would love to see it!

Kiko Drawstring Bag

Kind regards,

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1 Comment

Caroline O'reilly
Caroline O'reilly
Jan 22, 2020

Wonderful. Do you have a link to the quilting pattern that failed?

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