DIY Garden Gloves

Mother's Day is approaching fast and we are all looking for a thoughtful gift for our moms, right? I came across a beautiful pair of garden gloves on Pinterest and of course, I wanted to make my own version of it. If you have a gardener mom, this is the perfect gift.

All you'll need is a pair of garden gloves and a small amount of fabric. I warn you though, it does require a little bit of patience to put them together. Attaching the fabric gauntlet to the glove can be challenging due to the thickness of the leather and the small wrist opening ... but the result is worth it, don't you agree?

To complete the gift, you can add seed packets (instruction follows), a lovely soap, and some gardening tools!


1. Wrap a newspaper or a page from an old book over the store bought seed packet

2. Tie the package with a garden twine, and stamp the seed name.


You will need:

A pair of garden gloves

Main Fabric : (1) Fat quarter / Cotton Canvas

Lining Fabric : (1) Fat quarter / Quilting Cotton

Stabilizer : Pellon SF101 or Vlieseline G700 for the main fabric

Pellon FF911 for the lining (optional)

Download template HERE (Try different browsers if you have trouble downloading)

1. I used size Small gloves and it measured 4.5" at the wrist. If you are making a bigger size, adjust the template by cutting down the centre line, then separate the template pieces as wide as needed, aligning the sides of the pieces to the outer edges of the wrist.

2. Fuse the interfacing to the fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions and then cut out the fabric pieces using the template.

3. The narrow end gets attached to the glove so if your fabric is directional, cut out the pieces accordingly. Now you have four main pieces and four lining pieces.

4. Cut the gloves ends 4.5" mark (or wider as required).

5. With right sides facing together, sew the sides of each gauntlet with a 3/8"[1cm] seam allowance.

6. Press seams open and turn the lining pieces right side out. Push the lining pieces inside each main gauntlet.

7. Sew around the WIDER opening with a 3/8"[1cm] seam allowance.

8. Turn the gauntlet right side out and press. Zigzag stitch or baste the raw edge of the SMALL opening.

9. Push the glove into the gauntlet, lining up the wrist end of the glove to the zigzagged edge of the fabric piece.

10. Sew around the small opening with a 3/8"[1cm] seam allowance, using a long stitch length...This can be tricky because the opening is so small. Go slow. Make a couple of stitches, stop, adjust, then stitch again.

11. Turn the gloves right side out and press. That's it!

I would love to see your creations!

Please share on social media, #indigobirddesign #gardengloves

Fabric source : Rifle Paper Co.

Exterior Fabric : Wildwood Collection, Cream Peonies in Cotton Canvas

Lining Fabric: Wildwood Collection, Faux Bois Blue in Cotton

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