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10 minutes to sew

10 minutes to sew

I procrastinate for a long time when it comes to starting a new project. It seems daunting, especially if it involves learning a new skill. So I put it aside, and before I realize it, months go by and I haven't even touched the project.

But last year, I was gifted with this very helpful book called "10, 20, 30 minutes to sew" written by Nancy Zieman, and my life turned around! It was written for me. The book is full with time saving tips and ideas on how to organize your sewing project so that you can actually finish it.

Nancy says that even on busy days, one can free up 10, 20, or 30 minutes. True, right?

She divides up a project into several units so that it doesn't become overwhelming.

10 minutes - Store all your project "Ingredients " together

10 minutes - Prepare all pattern pieces

20 minutes - Alter the pattern

30 minutes - Cut out the garment

10 minutes - Marking the garment pieces

30 minutes - Test and apply fusible interfacing

10 minutes - Divide pattern pieces into construction units

10 minutes - Set up your machine...

Project Ingredients

This was exactly what I needed. Following her advice, I was able to finish not only one but two garments, which I would have never completed otherwise!

Farrow dress by Grainline Studio

Farrow Dress - Grainline Studio pattern

Haori Jacket by Wiksten

Haori Jacket - pattern by Wiksten

Now I apply her method not only in sewing but in everything I do.

If you are having trouble starting or finishing a project, give Nancy's method a try!

It works!

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