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Knot Bag with gusset

I love this new variation to my original Knot Bag. The square-bottom allows the bag stand up easily on its own, and the added gusset makes the bag a lot roomier. I think this makes a super knitting project bag! Please share your creations on social media, as I love seeing your projects!

The original pattern is available at my shop and you can make this square bottom knot bag by following the steps below! Gusset variation is available in Small & Medium size only.

Knot Bag with Gusset 1 - Indigobird Design

1. Add 1" [2,5cm] to the bottom of the template. Extend a straight line from the widest part of the bag down until it meets the 1" line that you have just added.

Follow the Steps 2-5 of the original tutorial using this new template.

** If you want a taller and slightly bigger bag, you can add 2" at the bottom of the template instead of 1". It works well for both sizes.

knot bag with gusset 1

2. Press seams open. Align the side seam and the bottom seam.

knot bag with gusset 2

3. Draw a 3"[7,5cm] for small bag / 4" [10cm] for medium bag line across the corner using a water soluble pen. Stitch along the line and trim off the corner. Repeat for the remaining corner and the lining piece.

knot bag with gusset 3

4. Follow the Steps 7-14 from the original tutorial HERE to finish.

Knot Bag _gusset_4

** Fabric : Rifle Paper Co, Amalfi collection, Cotton & Linen blend

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