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Origami pouch tutorial

Origami is fascinating. After a few folding, unfolding and tucking, you get a bird, a box, a pouch...the possibilities are endless. Today I wanted to share with you how to make an origami style pouch. A couple of folds here and there, and you will have a five slot pouch!

It's big enough to put your knitting patterns, circular needles, scissors...all in their own little compartment. It's a super easy weekend project so make a bunch!

origami pouch_indigobird design
origami pouch_indigobird design
origami pouch_indigobird design

FINISHED SIZE: 6.5" x 4.5"

You will need:

(1) Exterior fabric : Fat quarter / cotton, linen, cotton canvas

(1) Lining fabric : Fat quarter / cotton, voile, lawn

(1) Stabilizer : Fusible woven interfacing (Pellon SF101 / Vlieseline G700)

(1) pair of snaps

Download template HERE

*If you are having trouble downloading the template, try using a different browser.

For me, Chrome seems to give me least trouble. If it still doesn't work, just email me!

1) Cut one of each exterior fabric, lining fabric, and stabilizers using the template provided. Trim the stabilizer 3/8"[1cm] all the way around.

Apply the stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabrics, as shown.

origami pouch_step 1

2) Place the fabrics, right sides together. Sew all the way around with a 3/8"[1cm] seam allowance, leaving a gap for turning. Trim corners.

origami pouch_step 2

3) Turn the bag right side out and press well. Sew the opening shut.

origami pouch_3

4) Fold the left flap over to the right, aligning with the edge of the flap. Topstitch.

origami pouch_step4

5) Fold the right flap over, align the edges, and topstitch. With a fabric marker, draw a line 3.5" from the short edge and sew across.

origami pouch_step 5

6) Fold the pouch right at the stitch line that you have made. Press.

Align the side edges and stitch the side seams in place over previous stitching. Back tack a few stitches to reinforce at the beginning and end of the stitch. Repeat for the other side.

origami pouch_step 6

7) Apply snaps. ( see Snap tutorial, HERE )

Origami pouch_step 7

Please share your creations on social media! I would love to see what you make! #origamipouch #indigobirddesign

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