Leah Drawstring Bag with Ruffle Top

I love the Arroyo fabric collection by Cotton & Flax! I already made a couple of tote bags with it and now I'm onto drawstring bags. This medium weight linen blend fabrics are great for making bags because it retains shape. I've recently updated my Leah Drawstring bag instruction, which is now a lot simpler & faster to make. I used the Arroyo fabric(again!) to make a few samples and wanted to see how the bag would look with a ruffle top. I like the look of both versions so I thought I would share this tutorial so that you can try it too!

The original pattern is available at my shop and you can make the ruffled top variation by following the steps below.

1. Add 1 3/8" [3.5cm] to the template.

2. Draw a new dotted line at 1/2" [1.3cm] from the top. This will be a new fold line for cutting the lining piece. Don't forget to cut the lining on fold!

Leah drawstring bag pattern alteration

3. Follow the original instruction to "STEP 5", sewing notch to notch. Leave a gap of 1" [2.5cm] above the notch and sew the rest of the fabric pieces together.

4. Skip the "STEP 6" and proceed to "STEPS 7~15". When you turn the bag right side out, you will see the hole where you will be feeding the ribbon through.

Sew the drawstring channel around the bag, 1"[2.5cm] apart, as shown.

Tip: I find it easier to sew from the lining side.

5. That's it! Which look do you prefer?

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